Maximilian-Welsch-Strasse 6, D-99084 Erfurt

Whether it’s a corporate do, a concert, a cultural event or a product launch – whatever you have in mind, The Old Heating Plant (Zentralheize) is a venue which ticks every box for all sorts of function. Occupying a total area of 1,350 m², this multi-purpose space in the heart of Erfurt has the capacity to accommodate whatever event it is that you’d like to organise. Three main rooms, each a showstopper in itself, fill most of the footprint of this striking location:

  • The Boiler Hall (~ 700 m²)
  • The Engine Hall (~ 400 m²)
  • The Coal Bunker (~ 250 m²)

A further 150 m² or so of the complex is occupied by additional conference and meeting rooms, which can be combined flexibly as required. Every area has barrier-free access. The rooms are all different, with each having its own distinctive, individual character. As a result, the perfect setting is always available for the widest possible range of events. We take our inspiration from the motto, ‘You tell us; we’ll not tell you’, making it easy for you to pick the precise configuration of the various function spaces that your dream event requires. All of the rooms are equipped with the latest event technology.

The Boiler Hall can seat 350 guests in banquet style. Thanks to its exceptional acoustics, it is ideal for those seeking to stage a full concert experience. The Engine Hall, on the other hand, is the perfect venue for a lower-decibel occasion – a lecture, reading or panel discussion, for instance. Each syllable is clearly audible, so even those in the back row can hear every word with absolute clarity. Guests can also relax in the warm, companionable ambience of the Coal Bunker, or simply take a breather there as they enjoy a spellbinding vista which takes in the entire city of Erfurt.


The Boiler Hall: 1,000
The Engine Hall: 350
The Coal Bunker: 100

Contact details

IMK Institut für angewandte Marketing-
und Kommunikationsforschung GmbH

Tel.: +49 361 6 63 90-215
Fax: +49 361 6 63 90-14

Email: info@zentralheize.de
Website: www.zentralheize.de


Maximilian-Welsch-Strasse 6
D-99084 Erfurt

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